Modular Design

You don't have to buy multiple printers to use a wide range of materials. Our modular system allows you to change the printhead with no tools needed, to adjust the printer for a specific material quickly. Unexpected failure will not disable your plans – easily replace the damaged module, and get back to work in just a few minutes.

Filament monitoring

Our printer saves the filament data onto the self-adhesive NFC chip, so you always know the exact amount of filament left. No more guessing, the printer will tell you. The NFC tags are supplied with the printer and can be attached to the spool of any brand.

Extruders drawer

The extruders are mounted on a drawer outside the chamber with easy access – to lower it, you need only one click. You can be sure that the high temperature inside the chamber does not affect the quality or precision of print.

Technical Condition Monitoring System TCMS

TCMS monitors printer parts and increases your printer’s lifetime. It provides you with wear information about parts and notifies about necessary maintenance. TCMS is a perfect solution for schools and institutions where multiple users use the device.

Service Level Agreement SLA

If something goes wrong, you can always count on our support. Thanks to the Service Level Agreement, spare parts are shipped within 24 hours, so you won’t have any downtime in implementing your plans.

Dual extrusion

Innovatica printer is equipped with two print heads, which allow you to print parts composed of two materials or colors at the same time taking your models to a higher level. The second nozzle will also enable you to use water-soluble supports to create models with complicated geometries and with no marks left on the print.

Magnetic joints and gyroscope

Swapping the heads is a convenient task thanks to the magnetic joints. These not only eliminate the need for tools, but also the magnetic force gets rid of any backlash. MEMS gyroscope in the printhead detects the incorrect assembly or failed prints and automatically stops the device.

Lifting nozzles & print cooling

The inactive print nozzle is automatically lifted, which prevents contact with the printed model. Two powerful blowers ensure enormous model cooling capacity while thin stainless steel cover prevents heating blocks from cooling down, also keeping them clean.

Filament sensors

Two sensors detect the filament and inform about its absence. Printing is paused when filament runs out.

Durable construction

Aluminum and stainless steel ensure maximum stiffness and precision of the whole machine. High-quality components are designed to give you the best possible printing experience for many years.

RGB LED lighting

Six powerful LED light strips are placed in pairs 120 degrees apart, and let you enjoy watching the printing process without shadows. The changing colors also inform about the device status e.g. when finished printing.

Automatic calibration

The printer head is equipped with an automatic calibration system of a printbed. The printer uses its nozzle to probe the bed, and a virtual 3D mesh is created to compensate for any irregularities.

Advanced electronics

Duet 3 controller with a 300 MHz processor, supported by a Raspberry Pi computer, ensures smooth operation of the printer. Thanks to its strong heart, the device is convenient and reliable.

Touch Screen

Capacitive touch, 5” 800x480px touch screen with a glass front combined with intuitive control interface makes it very easy to operate the machine.


Innovatica printer supports Wi-Fi so that it can be entirely remotely controlled from your laptop or mobile device. It is also equipped with an Ethernet socket and a USB socket with flash drives support so that you can upload the models easily. You can connect directly to your printer from any modern web browser. Control, the device, upload files, and start prints without the need for software installation or internet connection.

Slicer software

Innovatica printers come with Simplify 3D slicing software, which is widely appreciated all over the world. It offers not only model slicing, but also print simulations and many more. With its ease of use and multiple features, this software makes the difference. Each device is supplied with a single Simplify 3D license.

Safety of Use

Built-in electromechanical relay physically cuts the power off to ensure your safety if failure of any heating element occurs.

Dust filters

All cooling fans are equipped with magnetically mounted dust filters, which keep the contaminants away from electronics and radiator. Filters can be easily cleaned with tap water.


The device is made entirely out of metal using Innovatica's own CNC machine shop. Components delivered by the most reputable manufacturers guarantee the highest quality and repeatability of prints. It is the printer you can rely on.

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