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Modular design

The modular design of our printers allows you to adapt it to a particular material used in your project quickly. You don't need to buy multiple printers – exchange the printhead and expand the possibilities. In case of any malfunction, you only need to replace the module, which reduces downtime to a minimum.

Wide variety of materials

There are over 45 materials from which you can choose to create models and prototypes using Innovatica printers. Select the filament that is the best for your particular project. You can use low-temperature materials such as PLA or ABS but also ultra-polymers like PEEK.

Technical condition monitoring system TCMS

Uninterrupted work of the printer is ensured by the TCMS – Technical Condition Monitoring System. It continually monitors the printer and always keeps you informed about its status. Thanks to the Service Level Agreement, spare parts are shipped within 24 hours, so you won't have downtime in implementing your plans.

Highest quality

It's the printer you can rely on, and do not worry about the print quality. The device is made entirely out of metal in Innovatica's own CNC machine shop. Components delivered by the most reputable manufacturers guarantee the highest quality and repeatability of prints.

Filament monitoring

The printer precisely monitors filament consumption and saves this data onto a self-adhesive NFC chip. It keeps you informed not only about the amount of the filament left but also its type. The NFC chips bundled with the printer can be used with spools of any brand.

Perfect repeatability

The repeatability of the prints is one of the crucial factors, and Innovatica printers will surely meet your expectations. Our devices deliver high precision and repeatable results without differences in the quality of the printed models. This type of feature cannot be overestimated.


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