Hydra is our multi-purpose 3D printer that can significantly reduce your costs and production time. No matter if you want to create rapid prototypes, produce custom spare parts, or create the whole product – Hydra is the right choice for you.

Print using 45+ types of materials ranging from PLA, through Nylon and PEEK up to the chemically resistant PPS. Choose from various print bed surfaces and change them easily thanks to the vacuum hold-down bed. Interchangeable printheads and heated chamber always provide ideal printing parameters for every material.

Hydra’s modular design makes it easy to replace its components. Technical Condition Monitoring System (TCMS) and components provided by the most reputable brands, ensure trouble-free operation for many years without interrupting your workflow.

Interchangeable liquid-cooled printheads

The modular system allows you to change the printhead type quickly and with no tools needed, to easily adjust the printer for your specific needs. The variety of printheads enables you to print basic materials like PLA or ABS but also use engineering materials like Nylon or PEEK. Dual printing nozzles combined with water-soluble supports make it very easy to create even the most complicated geometries.

Heated chamber for advanced polymers

Working with advanced polymers requires uniform temperature within the whole printing environment. Enclosed and heated chamber makes it possible to print in ideal conditions ensuring the reduction of warp and deformation of printed models. Integrated HEPA and activated carbon filters reduce the level of harmful particles, gases, and unpleasant smells, which are released during printing.

Vacuum hold-down

There is no need to use screws or clamps anymore. Now you can easily change the print surfaces with just one push of a button. Use glass, BuildTak, BuildTak PEI or PEI sheet and be sure that they stay in place. All the necessary equipment, including a quiet vacuum pump, is installed inside the machine.

Liquid cooling

The liquid cooling is used for cooling the print modules, which is required due to the high temperatures involved in printing engineering polymers. Replacement of the heads is possible thanks to the special self-sealing connector. It can be safely unplugged even when the pump is running, without creating the slightest spills. All necessary equipment is installed inside the machine.

Filament drying mode

The heated chamber can be used to dry the moist filament reels. To do that, you need to detach the print head and select the dedicated mode on the screen. This solution is really convenient, particularly for water-soluble materials used for support structures.

45+ Materials

There are over 45 compatible materials from which you can choose PLA or ABS for fast and cost-effective prototyping, Nylon for stiff, wear-resistant gears, PEEK for parts resistant to high heat, and many more. The possibilities are endless.

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technical specification

Printing specifications Technology FDM/ FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Printhead modules 4 Types
Print head Liquid-cooled, dual-extrusion with lifting nozzles
Build Volume Ø300 x 300mm 21.2L
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle temperature (max) 450°C
Nozzle diameter 0.25mm 0.4mm 0.6mm 0.8mm
0.25mm 150 80 micron
0.4mm   250 25 micron
0.6mm   400 25 micron
0.8mm   600 80 micron
Print speed up to 250mm/s
Build plate type Vacuum system
Build plate surfaces Glass, BuildTak, BuildTak PEI, 1mm PEI sheet
Build plate temperature (max) 200°C
Build plate leveling Automatic, nozzle probe
Build plate heat up time
20 60°C 50 seconds
20 100°C 2 min 15 seconds
Supported materials 47
Soluble support Yes, 4 types
Extruder type Dual-drive, geared 1:3, Bondtech
Filament amount control system Yes, integrated NFC system and built-in filament database
Print chamber Enclosed, actively heated
Print chamber temperature (max) 80°C
Air filtration HEPA + Activated Carbon
Filament sensor Yes, for both extruders
Connectivity Wi-Fi, LAN, USB port
Display 5in 800x480px capacitive touch

Physical dimensions Printer incl. spool holders 640 x 530 x 1050 mm
Shipping package 850 x 850 x 1500 mm
Printer weight 65 kg
Shipping Weight 100 kg

Ambient conditions Operating temperature 15-32°C 10-80RH non-condensing
Stoarage temperature 5-32°C

Power requirements Input voltage 220-240V 50Hz or 110-120V 60Hz
Power (max) 1450W
Operating power (average) 970W

Software Supplied software Simplify 3D
Supported OS Windows, MacOS and Linux

Warranty Warranty period 12 months
Service Level Agreement period Lifetime

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